Blockchain-based Digihealth Ecosystem
Blockchain-based Digihealth Ecosystem
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Healthcare ecosystem operates on IVIRSE – DigiHealth Platform. Our platform includes a wide range of solutions that have already been deployed by hundreds of hospitals, health care institutions and clinics to serve millions of patients daily. Furthermore, to give patients better services and experiences, we empower world-class third-party healthcare solutions to be built by providing access to data, services (including our built-in AI engine) and APIs to interact with our existing ecosystem.
Throughout the evolution of our ecosystem, patients are always put at the center of everything we built. We started by utilizing blockchain technology to give patients better protection of their data and complete control of what they want to do with it including storing, sharing and monetizing. As the ecosystem grows, we will make sure that patients are empowered not only to the best solutions but also to complete control of every demand.
Patient’s data is highly valuable to doctors, researchers and medical groups for both general good and business purposes, yet accessing it has always been a challenge. Too tight control, no value can be generated from it. To lose control, the patient’s privacy will be compromised. To solve this problem, we introduce IVIRSE - DigiHealth Assets, an innovative solution for packaging, sharing, and monetizing data with patients in full control of every action.
IVIRSE - DigiHealth Asset works like a marketplace, in which patients can pick some of their data such as their Electronic Medical Record or Personal Healthcare Record, package them into NFT standards. These assets will be securely stored and accessed by the patients only but if they want, they can share the assets or even sell them to others via IVIRSE – DigiHealth Asset. All activities will be powered and protected by blockchain technology.
To promote fluid and fair exchange of services, data and assets in our ecosystem, we introduce IVIE Token and IHEALTH Token as our universal payment mechanism. IVIE and IHEALTH Tokens will be supported among our core solutions at first and eventually across all solutions in our ecosystem. These tokens are powered by blockchain technology from the first day to give patients safety, control and transparency.
To create a universe in which your healthcare data is treated like a real asset which you can fully own, access, share and sell.
You have IVIE and IHEALTH Tokens on IVIRSE – DigiHealth platform for payment healthcare services and own healthcare utilities with IVIRSE – DigiHealth Assets.
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