01 Feb, 2023

Based on Blockchain technology with high security characteristics, ensuring the integrity of information, convenient for data monitoring and management, IVIRSE has developed an ecosystem connecting data management systems. and digital health operations. 

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Building an ecosystem on the Blockchain platform

IVIRSE is a platform that connects Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), application for booking and healthcare services (IVIE), online pharmacy (IRIS) and other healthcare apps… 

IVIRSE platform creates a supply chain of digital health services, connecting patients with hospitals, clinics, medical professionals and research centers; providing seamless, transparent and interoperable medical services between different digital health systems.

Specifically, HIS is an information management system, medical examination and treatment process, digitizing forms and reports for clinics and hospitals with a scale of 500 - 10,000 outpatient visits, 500 - 3,000 inpatient beds.

EMR is an electronic medical record system that helps identify patients for doctors and medical facilities to seamlessly monitor the entire medical examination and treatment process; at the same time, synthesize a complete and detailed clinical data storage, supporting doctors and medical staff to make accurate clinical decisions.

Meanwhile, IVIE is a booking application, providing health care services, helping patients consult and examine online with top medical experts or book an appointment at a medical facility quickly. based on electronic medical records.

To store medical data and identify data ownership for users, IVIRSE develops a DataHub application based on Web 3.0 technology. Here, users can easily retrieve, monitor and share health data, facilitating medical facilities to access, exploit and use data. 

Supply chain of healthcare services on digital platform

The supply chain starts with users’ healthcare demands. The starting point is that users use the IVIE application to register for an appointment with medical facilities. Health records, electronic medical records formed during medical examination and health care will be stored as electronic records in information management systems and returned to IVIE application. 

From this app, users can share access to their profile to the DataHub platform. Users’ data and health records will be absolutely confidential with the owner's identity through a private key. 

Owners can receive IVI tokens from the party that needs to access and use the data. IVI tokens can be converted into reward points and users can spend to book for online doctor consultation services, purchase medicine and supplements on IVIE application as well as other health care services of IVIRSE. 

Besides, sharing reliable and accurate data integrated with AI services developed by IVIRSE can make predictions about users' disease risk more accurately, supporting risk prevention for users themselves.

For research centers, information from patient health records is a valuable resource that can be researched and analyzed, helping to accelerate the progress of developing new medicine and treatments. From there, users themselves will enjoy better quality healthcare services. 

Blockchain technology helps to ensure the integrity of data, which means there will not be any changes to the data, ensuring the transparency and accuracy of the data. The process of researching accurate medical data will create applications that support better disease diagnosis. 

The end of the supply chain is when users and healthcare providers convert the need for an examination into a consumer value. Blockchain technology will support this transition to be accurate and fast, closing the supply chain of digital healthcare services in the most complete way. 

Sharing about the development process of IVIRSE digital health ecosystem, Ms. Ta Kim Hue - IVIRSE’s Chief Product Officer said: "When considering the technological factors that are applied and developed, we always have to find the answer for "Why is this technology needed? What is the market problem? Or at least there are foundations to believe that this technology is really needed for the future." 


With nearly 10 years of experience in developing information technology services for digital transformation in healthcare in Vietnam, choosing blockchain technology to develop the IVIRSE digital health ecosystem, IVI Group hopes to bring real value, creating a circle that links applications with market, economic, and financial value that can be converted into production, use and consumption values. 

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