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3 Unique Points Why IVIRSE Should Be A Worthy Investment For You

06 Oct, 2023

We all need health care in life: from infancy to old age. With the rapid development of blockchain technology over the past decade, it is time for someone to find a way to incorporate the healthcare ecosystem into this digital world and IVIRSE could be the pioneer to pave the way for that future.

Overview of IVIRSE project

IVIRSE project can be understood as a Digital Health Platform, in which this platform provides many health support solutions for patients on a daily basis and is trusted by hundreds of hospitals, and healthcare institutes up to this time. The most outstanding feature of IVIRSE is that it allows healthcare institutes to have access to the data, services (including a built-in AI engine) and APIs of its own ecosystem, to help enhance the patient’s experience to be better.

The vision of IVIRSE

IVIRSE attaches great importance to the security and privacy of user data, so they launched IVIRSE — DigiHealth NFT, a breakthrough product capable of packaging, sharing and monetizing data in which patients shall have full control over the operations. Going further, IVIRSE is very ambitious to join the metaverse race to build a universe of its own where your healthcare data shall be treated like a real asset that you can own, access, share and even sell to anyone.

Besides the healthcare utilities with IVIRSE — DigiHealth NFT, IVIRSE also launched its tokens IVIE and IHEALTH. Thus, the overview of IVIRSE’s entire ecosystem could include 3 following things:

  1. IVIRSE — DigiHealth Platform
  2. IVIRSE — DigiHealth NFT
  3. IVIE and IHEALTH Tokens

All the above are the highlights that IVIRSE project has been developing in the coming time. But in order for this to become a potentially highly profitable project for investors, it is clear that the most important thing lies in the team of developers and their comprehensive strategy, which we will go into clarification one by one followingly:

The core team

Here are the details of the core members of the development team:

Source: ivirse.com

Ms. Ta Thi Van Anh (Founder/ CEO)

  • Over 15 years of experience in the field of nuclear physics, part of IAEA: expertise in medical information technology application
  • Member of the Advisory Council on application and development of information technology in health under the Ministry of Health
  • Chairman of pioneering companies in medical technology: ISOFH, ISOFHCare, Mediplus Medical Complex

Mr. Nguyen Van Dong (COO)

  • CEO of ISOFH
  • Over 10 years of experience in Medtech software development, including specialized software for treatment (Radiotherapy Planning System, PACS, EMR) and Hospital management software (HIS, Command Center)

Ms. Ta Thi Kim Hue (Ph.D)

  • R&D Manager in ISOFH
  • Expert in data and information security, researching in data encryption and data integrity assurance in distributed information networks

Mr. Pham Van Minh (CIO)

  • 8 years of experience in Medtech software development
  • Architecture and Development of ERP software: Hospital Information System, Electronic Health Record
  • Experienced in system development of statistics on patient data, Business Intelligence System for hospitals, Warehousing and Inventory Management

Mr. Nguyen Tung Anh (CTO)

  • Ph.D Candidate
  • 2-year experience in R&D of private and consortium blockchain

Ms. Phi Thi Kim Anh (Project Manager)

  • MBA, PMP (PMI.org)
  • Over 6-year experience in Project Management
  • Vice CPO in ISOFH

The comprehensive implementation plan

A successful project is indispensable without a thorough and feasible plan. Therefore, based on the information provided by IVIRSE, their plan consists of 4 phases:

Source: ivirse.com

Phase 1: Token Sale

  • Manual Liquidity and Single-chain Swap

Phase 2: Token Sale

  • Token Sale: Manual Liquidity (Multi-chain supported)
  • Single-Chain Swap
  • Cross-chain bridge

Phase 3: Digihealth NFT platform

  • Dynamic Liquidity (Cross-chain supported)
  • Cross-chain Swap
  • Cross-chain bridge

Phase 4: Digihealth Platform

  • Fully automatic Liquidity (Cross-chain smart routed)
  • Cross-chain Swap
  • Cross-chain bridge

Various market opportunities with DeFi

In Vietnam, home of the core team, there are still many vacancies in the healthcare market that are needed to develop such as telemedicine, pharmacy, insurance, medical services, etc.

Also, by connecting with DeFi, it is possible to predict a total value for healthcare services, paving the way for DeFi to form a new era of medical services in the following decades of this century.

Last words

Above are the 3 main reasons why IVIRSE will be a pioneer in applying Blockchain technology to the healthcare system and why it could be a worthy investment for you to consider in 2022. Along with the increasing needs of people in health care, sooner or later IVIRSE’s vision will become a reality.

“IVIRSE — Better healthcare from Digital revolution”

For more details about the project, you can visit the official website: https://ivirse.com.

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