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IVIRSE - New pioneer in applying Blockchain technology to digital healthcare

02 Oct, 2023

In recent years, due to the impact of the covid pandemic, people are paying more and more attention to personal health care. Along with the explosion of the industrial revolution 4.0, especially the rapid development of blockchain technology, researchers predict that the healthcare sector will grow into a billion-dollar service industry in the future. In that picture, the IVIRSE project emerges as a pioneer in bringing blockchain technology and healthcare together — two things that never seem to be related ever!

Overview of IVIRSE

When it was born, this project was designed as a self-contained healthcare ecosystem running on the DigiHealth platform. Inside the platform, there will be a series of utilities provided to hundreds of hospitals, healthcare institutes, clinics to serve millions of patients every day. Furthermore, IVIRSE also allows third-party healthcare facilities access to data, utilities (including built-in AI tools) and APIs available in the system to help enhance the customer experience.

IVIRSE’s mechanism of action is to take advantage of the security provided by blockchain technology in order to give patients control over their own data entry and retrieval, storage, sharing and monetization activities. That way, the patient is fully responsible for who can legally access his or her data.

To do this, IVIRSE introduces the DigiHealth NFT utility, a breakthrough solution for encapsulating, sharing and monetizing data in which patients have full control over operations. DigiHealth NFT acts like a marketplace where transactions between patients and third parties can take place. Their data acts like an NFT, accessed only by the patients themselves unless they are willing to share these assets or even sell them on the platform.

Furthermore, to perform transactions on this market, users also need intermediary coins, so IVIRSE has also researched and developed two new tokens, IVIE and IHEALTH, to support payments in the ecosystem. These tokens are powered by blockchain technology and are promised to provide security, control and transparency to everyone operating inside this ecosystem.


In a nutshell, IVIRSE’s entire micro-universe revolves around patient healthcare data, with 3 key elements constituting the entire ecosystem:

  1. IVIRSE — DigiHealth Platform
  2. IVIRSE — DigiHealth NFT
  3. IVIE and IHEALTH Tokens

Blockchain-based Digihealth Ecosystem

In the ecosystem that IVIRSE is developing, blockchain technology is most clearly applied through 4 factors:

  • Healthcare finance
  • Digihealth NFT and Gamefi
  • Digihealth platform
  • Blockchain-based Metaverse (IVIRSE Universe)

In this article, we will quickly review the characteristics of the above 4 factors in turn.

1. IVIRSE — Healthcare Finance: Tokens, Wallet

IVIRSE Wallet is the first Healthcare Finance product in which:

  • It is a multi-chain wallet, allowing adaptation to different protocols/ Dapps to provide better user experiences and easier control of speeding
  • It supports many blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and Solana.

Implementation plan

Source: ivirse.com

2. IVIRSE — DigiHealth NFT and Gamefi

The main purpose of IVIRSE — DigiHealth NFTs is to record the hash value of health information and to prove the integrity and ownership of data, from there provides core functions to help users create/ own/ unify their medical records like digital assets. DigiHealth NFT can be utilized with its cryptocurrency, IVIE/ IHEALTH Tokens. Data source based on Cross-chain bridge — NFT

Source: ivirse.com

Key functions

DigiHealth NFT Platform: IVIRSE — DigiHealth NFT allow owners to create NFTs store of medical information record with multi-versions

DigiHealth NFT standard: The ultimate cross-chain NFT standard based on Substrate (Polkadot)/ Tendermint (Cosmos)/ RUST (Solana) SDK. Designed to optimize usage, trading and Defi Derivatives features.

DigiHealth NFT services: Build-in AI services to protect copyright and identify duplicated or similar tokens. Build-in storage service to standardize the medical information record.


Emotion series is collected daily by touching the emoticons we provide to you, it becomes a record of your personal emotion data and can be converted into assets of your own and you can be rewarded for participating in this game.

3. IVIRSE — DigiHealth platform

IVIRSE has proposed a protection model in personal medical data sharing schemes based on Blockchain technology that ensures security and authenticity. Experimental results satisfied the requirements of high performance and low computational system.

Source: ivirse.com

4. Blockchain-based Metaverse (IVIRSE Universe)

Blockchain-based Metaverse is going to open the age of Precision Wellness and usher in the Metaverse of Health. Blockchain technology will be the foundation for the innovation cycle of the digital hospital, especially the horizontal hospital in near future.

  • The digitally personal version in Metaverse
  • AR/VR for the personalized healthcare services
  • Precision healthcare
  • Horizontal hospital platform

In which, the components that create the IVIRSE universe may have:

Source: ivirse.com

Or in a more specific model, the IVIRSE Metaverse structure is made up of 6 main elements:

Source: ivirse.com

The partners (vendors) are the people who will create the virtual workplace in that universe, and other partners will buy these virtual workplaces for their own use and pay the IVI Tokens to the creators.


The potential that blockchain can apply to people’s lives is endless, and the healthcare sector is just the first step of what blockchain can do. The IVIRSE project is expected to completely change the healthcare industry, increasing the opportunity to open up new research directions in the manufacture of medicines for humans, thanks to the legal and easily accessed data source.

For more information about the project, please visit IVIRSE’s website: https://ivirse.com

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