Tech News: Gen-AI and Narrow-AI bridging technology in health and care

19 Dec, 2023

Healthcare organizations have tapped some artificial intelligence capabilities for several years. Predictive analytics, machine learning, image recognition, natural language processing — all of these are versions of AI, sometimes referred to as “narrow” AI.

Generative AI (gen-AI) tools that can create content on the fly, such as ChatGPT and BARD, are driving fresh excitement. Looking beyond that hype, what makes the value proposition of AI especially compelling now is how all these tools can work together to bring powerful new capabilities to healthcare organizations. Gen-AI plus narrow AI can reduce costs, lighten administrative burdens, enable greater personalization of care and, ultimately, help achieve better health outcomes.

Google, Microsoft and a variety of start-up companies are creating healthcare-specific LLMs for training gen-AI, which should help improve gen-AI clinical accuracy and results. Healthcare organizations may integrate these industry-specific models into their enterprise data environments.

(Source: Health Data Management)

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