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Vesting Tool - A solution to allocate tokens safely through smart contracts

16 Jan, 2024

It is an essential part of any blockchain platform, as it helps to ensure long-term commitment, stability, and trust among project owners, team members, partners, advisors, and investors.

The IVIRSE Vesting Tool works as follows:

✅The project owner creates a vesting contract on the IVIRSE platform, specifying the token address, the total amount of tokens to be locked, the vesting period, the vesting frequency, and the vesting beneficiaries.

✅The project owner transfers the tokens to the vesting contract, which locks them until the vesting period ends or the vesting conditions are met.

✅The vesting beneficiaries can claim their tokens according to the vesting schedule, which releases a certain amount of tokens at regular intervals or based on specific events or milestones.

✅The vesting contract is transparent and immutable, meaning it cannot be changed or manipulated once deployed on the blockchain. Anyone on the IVIRSE platform can also audit and verify the vesting contract.


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