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IVIRSE — Competitive Advances That May Change The Nature of The Healthcare Industry

16 Oct, 2023

For the elderly or professional athletes, they always have great concerns about their own health. This has led to the birth of useful health monitoring software and applications in recent years. Along with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend of digitization has become more pronounced than ever. Grasping that situation, an emerging blockchain project called IVIRSE promises to revolutionize how people care for their health every day.

Brief about the project

This project is an investment product of ISOFH, with a leadership team who have many years of experience in both the blockchain and medical fields. IVIRSE’s vision is to create a closed ecosystem in the digital universe, based on the DigiHealth NFT platform, which will provide a wide range of healthcare utilities for users and service providers. That virtual environment will act as an intermediary market between patients and third parties such as hospitals, clinics, and medical centers across the country. The asset traded here is the patient’s own health data. This means that users have full access to, manage, share, or even monetize their health metrics, and can legally purchase them from private or public pharmaceutical companies for commercial or research purposes to create new treatments or better drugs in the future. The transaction currency here will be 2 internal tokens also developed by IVIRSE themselves, respectively IVIE and IHEALTH to support payment for all transactions on the platform. Blockchain technology will play a key role here in ensuring that transactions are safe, secure, and completely transparent.

The Current Picture Of Ivirse Digihealth Ecosystem

IVIRSE is being built upon existing pieces including:

Source: ivirse.com

New pieces will continue to be added to create a complete DigiHealth ecosystem picture.

Some impressive figures about the project include:

  1. The number of app downloads to App Store/Google Play:
  • Early 2019: 1,909 downloads
  • End of 2019: 6,439 downloads
  • 2021: 153,723 downloads

2. Number of transactions in 2021: 258,009,200 users

  • Total users in 2021: 1,856,100 users (including total hospital patients)
  • Monthly active users: 319,061 users
  • Weekly active users: 102,513 users
  • Daily active users: 24,302 users

3. Trading volume:

  • 2016: $8,024,869
  • 2017: $33,138,642
  • 2019: $147,112,841
  • 2021: $177,391,137

IVIRSE’s partners and users

IVIRSE is proud to be trusted by nearly 50 healthcare providers, including 70% of state hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

In addition, the number of doctors connected to IVIRSE’s ecosystem has reached more than 2000 people, coming from frontline hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, such as Bach Mai hospital, Military Medicine 110 Hospital, National Lung Hospital, etc. who are ready to serve tens of thousands of patients every day.

The number of users of the platform has also reached 1.8 million users — an impressive number after 5 years of operation, with more than 3 million monthly active users.


The project is still in the development stage, with the vision of expanding the market not only to healthcare institutes in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia and around the world, eventually, creating a smart hospital model in line with the spirit and vision of the leadership board. Although it is still too early to talk about the future of the project, from what the project has shown over the years, it can be seen that the project is receiving great attention from famous names in the medical industry.

For more information, please get in touch with the website: https://ivirse.com/

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